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Car Maintenance Service Guide: What Is Included in a Car Service?

What is included in a car service? As a car owner and driver, you are responsible not only for the condition and performance of your car but also for the welfare of your passengers, co-motorists on the road, as well as pedestrians nearby. This means that every time you drive your car, you should make sure that your vehicle is in top shape and will not cause any harm or accident to you or the people and vehicles around you.

This is why getting your car serviced is crucial. To ensure that your vehicle is safe, functional, and free from any minor or major technical issues at all times, have your car serviced regularly. In this article, we will discuss the importance of a car service and what it includes.

What is a Full Car Service and Maintenance?

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Car owners should be aware of what a car service is and its importance to your vehicle. Car maintenance service, or simply car service, is a routine and proactive upkeep of a vehicle to ensure its optimal performance, safety, and longevity. It involves a series of procedures that require inspections, adjustments, repairs, and replacements of various components to keep the car running smoothly and to prevent potential issues from turning into major problems.

Car services are often performed by qualified auto technicians at authorised service centres, dealerships, reputable auto repair shops, or independent garages. The frequency of maintenance tasks varies depending on your vehicle’s make and model, mileage, age, and driving conditions.

While visiting your trusted auto garage or repair shop is often done when you notice or feel something unusual in your vehicle, it is a good habit to visit them even when you don’t notice anything. In fact, it is better to have your vehicle checked when nothing is wrong so that you can prevent any potential risks or damages. Preventive maintenance keeps your car running smoothly, safely, and efficiently.


Importance of Regular Car Servicing and Maintenance

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Regular car service is important because it ensures the optimal performance, safety, and longevity of your vehicle. Meanwhile, neglecting maintenance of your vehicle can lead to costly repairs, reduced fuel efficiency, and compromised safety. Here are the key reasons why you should have your car serviced by a reputable auto repair shop:

1. It keeps your vehicle safe.

Safety is the top reason why you should maintain your car and have it regularly checked. With regular car service, you can identify potential problems in your vehicle early and address them promptly to avoid further damage or more serious troubles. By ensuring that your vehicle is safe and in good condition, you can promptly prevent accidents and keep you and your passengers safe on the road.

2. It ensures the reliability of your vehicle.

Proper maintenance and regular car service ensure that your vehicle is reliable and functional on the road. By checking and assessing the key components and parts of your car, you reduce the risk of unexpected breakdowns and mechanical failures, ensuring your car starts and runs smoothly when you need it.

3. It improves your car’s performance.

A well-maintained vehicle performs at its best. Because regular car service includes crucial procedures like changing motor oil, replacing air filters, and checking spark plugs, it helps optimise your car’s engine performance and efficiency. This, in turn, leads to a smoother and more enjoyable driving experience.

4. You can save money and avoid spending on repairs.

Preventive maintenance or car service cost is cheaper and more cost-effective than major repairs, overhauls, or replacements. With regular car service, you can easily identify minor issues in your vehicle before they escalate into significant and costly problems, saving you from expensive repairs down the line. So don’t treat full car service as an added expense, but rather as an investment in a better, safer, and more functional vehicle.

5. It leads to the longevity of your vehicle.

Regular car service and maintenance extends the lifespan of your vehicle, enabling you to use it for a longer time. Keeping the engine, transmission, and other vital components in good condition allows your car to serve you well for many years.

On the other hand, neglected cars that are not properly checked and serviced often get damaged fast. If you want your car to last for many years, make car service part of your car’s routine maintenance.

6. It helps with warranty eligibility and compliance.

For new and modern cars under warranty, following the manufacturer’s recommended vehicle maintenance schedule is essential to maintain warranty coverage. Meanwhile, skipping regular car service may void your warranty and leave you responsible for repair costs.

7. It increases the resale value of your vehicle.

If you plan to sell or trade-in your car in the future, regular full car service will not only keep your vehicle sharp and smooth. Moreover, a well-documented service history can increase its resale value. Prospective buyers and dealers choose well-maintained vehicles that have been regularly serviced over those that aren’t well taken care of.

8. It provides benefits to the environment. 

A properly tuned and well-maintained vehicle produces fewer emissions, contributing to a cleaner environment. Thus, having regular full car service ensures your car meets emission standards and reduces its carbon footprint. If you truly care about the environment, make sure that you do your part by keeping your car safe, clean, and well-maintained at all times.

9. It adds peace of mind.

Nothing beats the feeling of knowing that your vehicle is in good condition and you and your passengers do not face the risk of experiencing minor or major car trouble. A regularly maintained car provides peace of mind during your daily commutes and long journeys. You can drive with confidence, knowing your car is reliable and safe.

10. It offers professional assessments from automotive experts.

During regular car service, qualified technicians thoroughly inspect your vehicle and identify potential issues that you may not notice during regular driving. Their expertise ensures your car receives the care it needs. So be sure to visit your trusted auto garage or repair shop regularly and seek their professional advice and recommendations when it comes to properly maintaining and upkeeping your vehicle.

Regular car service and maintenance is, therefore, an essential aspect of responsible vehicle ownership. It keeps your car safe, reliable, and efficient while saving you money on potential repairs. By investing in routine maintenance, you can enjoy a smoother driving experience and prolong the life of your vehicle.


What is included in a car service?

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Whether you are a first-time car owner or a seasoned driver, it is important to know the complete inclusions in maintenance and regular servicing so you can be sure that your vehicle is thoroughly checked for issues and potential problems. By being aware of what car service includes, you can better understand the condition of your car and the maintenance and repair services it needs.

At this stage, we will be answering the questions: What is checked on a car service? What is involved in a car service? What do you get in a car service?

To answer the questions above, a full car service typically includes a range of maintenance tasks and inspections aimed at ensuring the vehicle’s optimal performance, safety, and efficiency. Depending on the car’s model, make, age, mileage, and the service package chosen, the specific items to be checked and serviced may vary. However, a standard full-service car maintenance service usually includes the following items.

Engine Oil and Filter Change

This involves engine oil change and replacing oil filter to ensure proper engine lubrication and prevent premature engine wear and tear.

Fluid Checks and Top-ups

This involves inspecting and topping up essential fluids, such as coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid, windshield washer fluid, and transmission fluid.

Tyre Inspection and Rotation

This procedure involves checking the tyre condition, tread depth, and air pressure. Tyre rotation may also be performed to ensure even wear and extend tyre life.

Brake Inspection

This involves checking the brake pads, brake discs, rotors, and calipers for wear and ensuring proper brake fluid levels.

Air Filter Replacement

This procedure involves replacing the air filter to maintain clean airflow to the engine and improve fuel efficiency.

Cabin Filter Replacement

If applicable, this procedure involves replacing the cabin filter to ensure clean air inside the vehicle’s passenger compartment.

Spark Plug Replacement

If necessary, this involves replacing the spark plugs at recommended intervals to ensure proper engine performance.

Battery Inspection and Testing

This involves checking the battery’s condition, cleaning terminals, and testing its performance. If the battery is almost drained, getting a replacement will be suggested to you.

Belts and Hoses Inspection

This involves inspecting belts and coolant hoses for wear and tear, cracks, or damage, and replacing them if necessary.

Steering and Suspension Inspection

This involves checking the steering and suspension components for wear and proper alignment.

Exhaust System Inspection

This procedure involves inspecting the exhaust system for leaks and ensuring it meets emissions standards.

Visual Inspection

This involves a thorough visual inspection of various components of your vehicle, including lights, wipers, mirrors, and the body for signs of damage, wear, and tear.

Diagnostic Checks

Running diagnostic tests uses specialised equipment to identify any potential issues or error codes in the vehicle’s electronic systems.

Resetting Service Indicators

This involves resetting the vehicle’s service indicator or maintenance reminder system after completing the service.

It’s important to note that some service packages may include additional activities or more comprehensive inspections. As each vehicle has unique requirements, your car service package may differ from the standard list.


Wrapping It Up: What is included in a car service and Why It’s Important

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Full car service is a vital aspect of responsible vehicle ownership and maintenance. It involves a range of maintenance tasks and inspections designed to ensure your car’s optimal performance, safety, and efficiency. From engine oil changes and fluid checks to tyre inspections and brake system maintenance, each service plays a crucial role in keeping your vehicle in top shape.

By investing in regular car services, you can ensure that your car will stay safe, fuel-efficient, and free from unexpected breakdowns. Moreover, proper maintenance and regular servicing can extend the lifespan of your car and preserve its resale value. So, don’t wait until your car shows signs of wear and damage. Have your car serviced so you can determine possible issues and address the concerns right away.


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