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Clutch Replacement Littlehampton

The clutch is one of the most important parts of a motor vehicle.

It allows the smooth and safe shifting of gears without disrupting the power flow to the wheels.

It is also used to disengage the engine from the transmission, making it possible for the car to stop moving without turning off the engine such as when idling at a stoplight or in traffic.

Clutch issues should not be ignored. Left unchecked, they can turn into severe problems and cause major accidents on the motorway.

If you have a clutch issue, contact us at Auto Repairs and Recovery in Littlehampton as soon as possible.

Our professional clutch specialists at Auto Repairs and Recovery will be glad to help get your vehicle in tip-top form for your safe and pleasurable driving.

When Does Your Clutch Need Replacement?

Whether you drive a manual or automatic car, your clutch must be replaced when it becomes necessary. Fortunately, clutches give off a few signs before they fail completely. Being mindful of these signs will give you enough time to drive to the mechanic before the failure worsens or you get stranded on the roadside with a failed clutch.     

The following are some of the most common types of clutch failure that require repair or a clutch replacement Littlehampton service.

Slipping Clutch 

Clutch slippage happens when the friction plate fails to engage with the flywheel and spins instead, making it harder to switch through gears. The clutch cannot transfer engine power to the transmission. 

Grinding Noise

Gear shifts should be noiseless and seamless. Any unusual noise during gear shifting or from the gearbox usually points to a possible fault like a worn clutch bearing or low lubricant.

Loose or Hard Clutch Pedal

Changes to the feel of your car’s clutch may indicate a problem with the clutch including issues with the release mechanism or a leak in the system.

Car Shudder

Car vibration when launching a car or a car shudder that persists at low speeds is indicative of a worn clutch or contamination of the clutch system.        

Difficulty Shifting

If you have trouble getting your car into gear or you feel your car strain to move to the next gear even when you give it sufficient revs, the problem may point to a worn clutch.

Burning Smell

The absence of lubrication in the transmission will cause the metal components to grind each other producing a characteristic clutch smell. This unusual burning smell comes from the excessive heat produced by extra friction.    

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Our Expert Clutch Replacement Services in Littlehampton
clutch replacement on the car, the new part of the suspension

Auto Repairs and Recovery offers comprehensive auto clutch services in Littlehampton, West Sussex that include diagnostics, clutch repairs, replacement, and maintenance necessary for both manual and automatic gearboxes. For your clutch replacement Littlehampton needs, our auto garage is always open to cater to your concerns.


We perform a complete diagnosis of the clutch system before we start any clutch repair. The clutch system has many different components that control the actual operation of the clutch. We want to make sure that each of these components contributes to the optimal functioning of the clutch system and we fix or replace only the faulty parts.  

Clutch Replacement

Clutch replacement is a rigorous process that involves removing the driveline and transmission to replace the clutch plate, pressure plate, throw-out bearing, and pilot bearing. We also remove the flywheel and resurface it on most vehicles for smooth clutch engagement. Clutch replacement is a laborious, time-consuming repair job. Our expert clutch specialists, however, are usually able to complete this service in a day on most vehicles.

Repair of Master Clutch Cylinders and Clutch Slave Cylinders

The clutch master and slave cylinders are responsible for providing the fluid pressure needed to engage, disengage, and maintain speed while driving. They can start leaking and fail to operate the clutch mechanism properly. This can cause the clutch not to disengage making it very difficult to shift gears. When this happens, a clutch repair or replacement may be necessary.

Scheduled Maintenance Service

Clutches, with their numerous moving parts, need periodic service and maintenance to avoid serious problems and increase the lifespan of your vehicle. Maintenance is performed by our mechanic certified in transmissions according to the service schedule for your vehicle make and model. Clutch adjustment and inspection usually take about an hour. It includes checking and filling the hydraulic fluid level. Like other automotive fluids, clutch hydraulic fluid needs to be replaced at longer scheduled service intervals.

Common Clutch Problems We Fix

At Auto Repairs and Recovery, our skilled technicians have experience in diagnosing and resolving a wide range of clutch problems. If you are experiencing one or more of the following issues with your vehicle’s clutch, reach out to us immediately and we will work with you in addressing the problem.

We have a team of highly qualified auto technicians who are skilled and experienced in performing clutch repairs and replacement services.

Clutch Slippage

If your clutch slips or fails to engage properly, it may be due to a worn-out clutch kit, disc, pressure plate, or clutch release bearing. As soon as you notice this problem, make sure to engage a clutch repair Littlehampton expert at Auto Repairs and Recovery.

Hard or Soft Clutch Pedal

A clutch pedal that feels too hard or too soft may indicate issues with the clutch hydraulic system. We can inspect the clutch master cylinder, slave cylinder, and hydraulic lines to identify and fix any problems affecting the pedal feel.

Clutch Chatter

Clutch chatter is characterised by jerking or vibration when engaging the clutch. It can result from a damaged or contaminated clutch disc or unevenly worn flywheel. At our clutch repair Littlehampton garage, we will diagnose the cause and address it appropriately.

Clutch Noise

If you notice unusual noises when engaging or disengaging the clutch, this can indicate worn-out clutch components or problems with the release mechanism. A professional clutch check is necessary to identify the problem and address it accordingly.

Clutch Drag

Clutch drag occurs when the clutch fails to disengage fully, causing difficulty in shifting gears or causing the vehicle to move even when the clutch pedal is depressed. This requires adjustment or clutch replacement in Littlehampton to eliminate clutch drag.

Clutch Fluid Leaks

Leaking clutch fluid can lead to a loss of hydraulic pressure and clutch engagement issues. Our team can locate the source of the leak and repair or replace the affected components.

Overheating Clutch

Continuous heavy use of the clutch, such as during stop-and-go traffic or towing heavy loads, can cause overheating and may lead to premature wear and reduced performance. If your clutch is no longer functioning well, a clutch replacement in Littlehampton can be the best solution.

Worn Clutch Release Bearing

A worn clutch release bearing can cause noise and affect the smoothness of clutch engagement. We replace the faulty release bearing to ensure a quieter and more efficient clutch operation.

Clutch Hydraulic System Bleeding

If your clutch pedal feels spongy or lacks resistance, it may require bleeding to remove air from the hydraulic system. Our skilled auto technicians perform proper bleeding to restore the clutch pedal feel.

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Why Choose Our Clutch Replacement Service?

You’ll be making the right decision to entrust your valuable vehicles to Auto Repairs and Recovery for clutch replacement. 

We are clutch experts.

We have more than 30 years of experience in auto repairs including expert clutch repairs and clutch replacement services for both manual and automatic gearboxes for most types, makes, and models of motor vehicles. Our technicians are also trained in the latest clutch and automotive technology.  

We maintain the highest quality standards.

We provide exceptional services across all our work. Our team of expert clutch specialists delivers professional workmanship in our vehicle repair and services.

Our clutch repair costs are affordable.

Our high-quality, reliable job doesn’t come with a premium price. Our clutch repair rates are affordable and competitive in the industry.

Customer service is our priority.

We always strive to provide our customers with the best experience they deserve. Our technical staff are friendly, accommodating, and customer-centric. 

Clutch Problems? Book an Appointment with Our Expert Auto Technicians in Littlehampton

Don’t let clutch issues hinder your driving pleasure. Contact us now and book an appointment with Auto Repairs and Recovery.

Let our experts take care of your clutch system promptly and professionally, so you can go back to driving safely and comfortably on the road.

Whether you need clutch repair or replacement, we have the knowledge, tools, and expertise to provide you with the right service according to your vehicle’s needs.

Or for a non-obligatory quote contact us today on 01903 726635.


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